Re: things your mother won't tell you (but I will)

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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 17:50:03 EET

I agree, the point totals don't really mean much. I found I could not
give any answer on a couple of the questions and most of the others vary by
context. Any company that uses the results of a straight point count to
classify someone is not doing a good job of evaluating people. It might be
useful as a conversation piece with a job candidate, with the expectation
that the answers can change significantly. Much better psychological tests
exist out there, depending upon what you are trying to evaluate.

Scott -Scooter- Sutterer wrote:
>I have seen this before. The results are about a vague as the horoscope
>read this morning. I looked at the results of the score above and below
>mine. I think the results were just a true.
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>> This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept at many of
>> the major corporations today. It helps them get a better insight
>> concerning their employees and prospective employees. It's only 10
>> questions, so...Grab a pencil and paper, keeping track of your
>> answers. Be honest about your might learn

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