RP metal processes

From: Jonathan Chertok (chertok22@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 21:00:35 EET

Dear List,

I am preparing for production of a series of Mathematical Models using RP
processes. In particular I am looking for information on "direct" Metal-type
Rp processes including but not limited to;
Glass or Nylon processes.

Can anyone supply their experience and/or a site where I can research these
processes? For instance, I imagine RP can now cast directly to Aluminum,
Tungsten or Zinc, without a "secondary" process involving "lost wax" or sand

Basically I am trying to compile information as to:
A. How a direct metal RP processes works
What materials one can now cast "directly"

B. What materials are recommended if one wishes to move to a "secondary"
process of sand casting or lost wax casting. i.e. What materials should be
used for this "secondary" type casting, and who produces these products.

C. What is the different ways one can produce a RP "mold" for multiple
production if one wishes to cast a series of models after the RP original is

D. And anyone's experience with the above processes

Jonathan Chertok
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