Silicone rubber tooling for inj. molding

From: Glyn Churchman (
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 01:02:29 EET

I thought I once saw a posting from a company that claimed to do injection
molded parts in silicone rubber tooling.
I have an application where I need to make thousands of many different small
parts with soft undercuts and I want to avoid witness or parting lines. The
material for these is a low temperature polyolefin type of material.
A previous manufacturer of these parts used a spin-casting machine and made them
much as one would cast low-temp alloy metal parts, in silicone molds (so I was
told). I think this would be too slow and costly for the quantities I now need.

Any takers or do you know the company I am thinking of?

Glyn@Prototech, Inc.

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