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Several years ago during my days at Ford Motor Company I headed up a
research project at the University of Detroit Mercy for the purpose of
producing an optically clear stereolithography resin. My chemistry
professor at the time was the recipient of the grant to develop the resin
and in that development he discovered that he could at mid-point during the
curing process obtain glass from the initial reaction. I am obviously
leaving the majority of how this was done out of this email as it should
come from him. I'm not sure if he is still at the University. After I left
Ford the project dried up as there was no one left to over see it. I'm not
sure how much more development went into the project. I have some of the
papers that were written and will call hem to seek his approval prior to
offering them to you. You will need a fairly good background in chemistry
to decipher the formula though! Good luck in your efforts to find the
answers that you need.


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Subject: glass as an rp option?

Hello! My name is Kim Fraczek, a newcomer to the list. I am studying CAD/CAM
at Tyler School of Art. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of
rapid prototyping glass. I have dreamt up this machines which can do this,
however I am not sure if any research has been done in this area. Any
would be appreciated!
Kim Fraczek

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