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Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 07:13:14 EET

It is very unfortunate that you had a fire. My company had a fire about 12
yrs ago and we lost all of our equipment to smoke and fire damage. We were
able to rebuild some of our CNC equipment. About 6-8 CNC machines and a few
computers. We used Easyoff oven cleaner on all the Machines and Electronics.
Then sprayed everything with a special spray from a company called CRC which
neutralizes the acid. Many of those machines are still in service today with
no major problems. Some of he machines sat a couple months until I could get
to them to rebuild. We did spray everything Electronic down with the
neutralizer right away however. With the approval of the insurance company.
Hope this helps
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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<< I had a fire at my house on January 9 of this year. Most everything was
 burned or smoke damaged. My electronics, however, are being restored. I am
 of the understanding that the smoke is very corrosive to electronics. The
 place that took in all my PC's and home electronics told me that it is
 imperative that the smoke be cleaned fairly quickly to avoid corrosion of
 the electronics.
 Due to the difficulties of insurance and the high cost estimate to repair my
 Sanders ModelMakerII, nothing has been done yet. The insurance company now
 wants to go ahead with the repairs as they are about 1/3 the cost of a new
 machine. Sanders is likewise confident even though they say they have never
 done fire restoration. I am concerned that the machine may well be fixed
 without replacement of the electronics which have now sat for over a month
 with this grimy soot on it but that I may have trouble down the road. Even
 with a warranty, these machines are difficult to ship back for repairs.
 Does anyone know of any literature which details the issues surrounding
 smoke damage to electronics? Of course I would just as soon have a new unit
 and not risk having trouble down the road which I may not be able to
 attribute to the smoke damage.
 Much thanks for any help.
 Steven Pollack

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