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Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 21:51:55 EET

Hello Yang,
Take a look at Paramount's web site. We have several documented success
stories using SLS sintered powder metal.

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Subject: Re: RP metal processes

Can someone in the list give me some successful applications about the
direct metal fabriction of RP? e.g. the application of EOSINT-M. Thanks in

Yang Yong

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From: Jonathan Chertok <>
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Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 11:36 AM
Subject: RP metal processes

>Dear List,
>I am preparing for production of a series of Mathematical Models using RP
>processes. In particular I am looking for information on "direct"
>Rp processes including but not limited to;
>Glass or Nylon processes.
>Can anyone supply their experience and/or a site where I can research these
>processes? For instance, I imagine RP can now cast directly to Aluminum,
>Tungsten or Zinc, without a "secondary" process involving "lost wax" or
>Basically I am trying to compile information as to:
>A. How a direct metal RP processes works
>What materials one can now cast "directly"
>B. What materials are recommended if one wishes to move to a "secondary"
>process of sand casting or lost wax casting. i.e. What materials should be
>used for this "secondary" type casting, and who produces these products.
>C. What is the different ways one can produce a RP "mold" for multiple
>production if one wishes to cast a series of models after the RP original
>D. And anyone's experience with the above processes
>Jonathan Chertok
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