scanning and making prostheses

From: Anshu Dhar (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 00:48:49 EET

Dear Listmembers,
                 I have been approached by a friend who is doing a project
for the Artificial Limb Centre at a Military Hospital in India. They are
faced with a flood of soldiers and civilians who have lost a limb or two
due to fighting in terrorist affected areas and are trying to speed up the
process of making prostheses to fit the amputated end of a limb.
                 They are currently considering some kind of scanning
system from which they can get layered 2D data and then carry out stepwise
                 I am also looking in the list archives but I still
have'nt yet found exactly what I'm looking for. I know this sounds like a
vague request but I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to go
about this.
                 Thanking you,
                              Anshu Dhar Jayal,
                              Graduate Student,
                              University of Utah

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