RE: Another RP business opportunity?

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Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 05:29:47 EET

        There has been research going on in this area at ASU for some time. The
problem with ultrasound data is that its unstructured (unlike CAT scan where
you get discrete 2D data slices), has a conical field of view, contains
noise and the data is over lapping - i.e. when a doctor moves the sensor on
say a woman's stomach he is collecting data over and over again over the
same region. If you want more information or want to talk research
opportunities please let me know. Recently funded research project called 3D
Knowledge has ultrasound data as one of the test bed


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-> I was looking through a recent brochure from Materialise on
-> their Mimics
-> software for translating CT or MRI data into full 3D CAD
-> models and an idea
-> occurred to me. Could files from an ultrasound machine
-> (e.g, sonagram) also
-> be converted into 3D files? Companies are selling
-> ultrasound videos to
-> expectant parents, why not also offer a 3D model of the
-> baby's development
-> at different stages of growth? Has anybody looked into this?
-> -Glenn Whiteside
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