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Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 19:39:15 EET

Hello Marshall,
In fact the parts were installed on several engines and run through testing
on the Chesapeake last year. The customers were the Board of Directors and
Senior Management. Short of that they never were used on actual shipped
end-user product. Interestingly, Volvo used the experience to justify
purchasing an SLS 2500+ for sintered powder metal applications.


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>Take a look at Paramount's web site. We have several documented success
>stories using SLS sintered powder metal.


    Thanks for posting the link to this great story! Although I would not
call this exactly direct manufacturing because the parts were used for
functional testing, not for installation in a product delivered to
customers, still it's a great success story. If the product were other than
a high-volume boat engine, those retaining rings may very well have gone
into the real thing for delivery.

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