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Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 19:57:08 EET

I'm interested in finding out more about used equipment prices. What would
be a reasonable price, or price range, for the following equipment? And what
kinds of things should you look out for when buying used rp machines?

FDM-1600/2000 or other
DTM Sinterstation and Sinterstation Plus
Sanders ModelMaker
Cubital Solider
Helisys LOM 1015 or 2030

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Subject: Used SLA-500 for Sale

For Sale:

3D Systems' SLA-500/30H including:
        Factory refurbished to new in 1994
        LaserPure 40 heat exchanger
        1 vat (either fullsize or halfsize)
        1 platform
        350 mW at vat upon installation
        warranted to work upon installation

$225,000 complete

All interested parties should email or phone me directly.

Thank you,

Chuck Alexander

Solid Concepts Inc.
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