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Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 15:19:53 EET

Hi Elaine,
My company Avecia Speciality (Zeneca pre 1998) sell selectively colourable
resin for SL application. Current resin system is an acrylate based and used
by most of the medical manufacturing service centres world-wide. There are a
number of ways one could colour models and there has been some discussion on
this already. In past discussion in this list has included suggestions on
external paining of models. However to my knowledge our Stereocol resins are
the only materials that can give selectively coloured models (colour on
command). There is more information on these resins on Materialise NV, our
distributor's web site. Also my notes to Ian Gibson on this discussion list
and on the rp-medical list has more information on this product.

Ajay H Popat
Avecia Specialtity
Tel. +44 161 721 1843
Fax. +44 161 721 1654
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Are there any companies supplying color materials for any RP systems such
as SLS, SLA, FDM, or LOM?


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