Used SLA 5000 for sale

From: Dave Gruenwald (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 15:22:45 EET

One year ago our company purchased a new SLA 5000 from 3D Systems to
supplement our contract engineering services effort. We have since made
a decision to focus on Project Management and contract out our SLA
needs. As a result we are closing the branch of our company in
Oklahoma, USA where the machine resides and desire to sell it. The
machine is currently in operation and producing revenue. If the buyer
was a Stereolithography Service Bureau we would be willing to continue
to send our contract SLA business to the new owner as an incentive to
purchase the machine. This machine includes a legal transfer of all
software from 3D systems and a spare laser. The current laser has about
2,000 hours on a 5,000 hr life expectancy. The machine is 3 times as
fast as an SLA 500.

The equipment list, along with the price we paid, is as follows:

Qty Model
Unit Charge

1 SLA-5000 3D Systems Stereolithography Apparatus
1 Extra platform
1 Buildstation software

   Optional Equipment

1 Replacement
1 PCA-5000 Post Curing
Apparatus $10,100
20 SL-5510 Resin, Cibatool SL-5510, 10 Kg Containers
1 SW-WS Lightyear Workstation
Software $19,500
1 SW-QuickCast QuickCast
Software $10,000
1 4500 Exide Electronics Prestige 4500VA
UPS $5,387
1 Precision 610 Dell PC Workstation, 550
MHz $3,500
1 100SS Plus EFOS Ultracure
Lightwand $3,695
1 Carrier/US A/C Products, 1 Ton Air
conditioner $1,910




$490,000 (f.o.b. OK, USA)

    Savings over

All interested parties should email or phone me directly, I will be out
of the office Wed Mar 1 thru Fri Mar 3.

Thank you,

Progressive Engineering, Inc.
Dave Gruenwald
ph. 920-582-0391

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