Position - Senior Foundry Technician

From: Geoff Wakeley (g.wakeley@qmi.asn.au)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 04:26:12 EET

Position Title: Senior Foundry Technician
Location : Queensland Manufacturing Institute Ltd
Brisbane Technical Park
Corner Logan and Miles Platting Roads

Position Description:
Queensland Manufacturing Institute Ltd is seeking a Senior Foundry
Technician to complement its dynamic, client-focused Rapid Prototyping &
Tooling team. The person must have a high level of experience and
knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precision sand casting and
ceramic shell investment casting. Typically the castings produced are
high quality but low quantity prototype castings.
Through utilisation of a wide range of pattern materials, the successful
applicant must be able to demonstrate high levels of skills to achieve
maximum yield. This will require innovation to deliver high quality
prototype castings to a time-critical and demanding market. The ideal
candidate will be a self-motivated individual who enjoys the challenge
of working on many different projects.
Additionally the person must have excellent organisational and
communication skills, have good computer skills, be proficient in
Microsoft Office and be able to work in a team environment.
For specific enquires of the position contact Geoff Wakeley or Mike
Naylon on (617) 3364 0700.
Applications close at 4.00pm on Friday 10th March 2000 and should be
submitted to:

Mr. Geoff Wakeley
Queensland Manufacturing Institute Ltd.
P.O. Box 4012
Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

Below is a position description and Selection Criteria.

Specific Tasks Include:
1. Develop protocols to achieve reproducible and accurate data.
2. Develop casting and moulding techniques to overcome inherent process
3. Maintain records and results relative to the job.
4. Maintain stock control.
5. Documentation of investment casting foundry procedures for casting of
both ferrous and non-ferrous metal components.
6. Maintain furnace and refractory equipment, supervise maintenance of
critical equipment.
7. Maintain "live" foundry parameters such as slurry properties and
furnace condition within established operating ranges.
8. Maintain spectrograph within established accuracy range.
9. Attend approved professional conferences, relevant courses, and
technical meetings.
10. Respond to client enquires.
11. Foundry Safety. Ensure that the QMI foundry functions within the
safety legislation guidelines and follows best practice techniques and
procedures by advising and directing others on correct procedures.
Maintain a Material Safety Data Sheet log on all foundry materials and
have it available to all personnel with foundry access. Establish and
maintain procedures for chemical handling, and metal melting and molten
metal transfer. Label all supplies and materials to ensure hazards are
readily identifiable by others. Evaluate OH&S issues with the site
safety officer to ensure QMI requirements.
12. Maintain a clean and tidy foundry.
13. Detailed melting and molten metal handling procedures documented.
All foundry staff inducted and aware of procedures. Hazards identified
for all working environments by completion of Health and Safety
Assessment of Work form prior to commencement of work and reviewed after
significant change or annually.
14. All hazards identified by the Health and Safety Assessment of Work
process appropriately controlled.
15. Compliance with all relevant Regulations, Codes of Practice and QMI
16. Prototypes developed within quoted timeframe.

Selection Criteria:
SC1 Have 10 years’ minimum experience within Investment Casting and Sand
Casting foundries including foundry trade qualifications.
SC2 Have extensive experience with ferrous and non-ferrous metals in
both Investment Casting and Sand Casting applications.
SC3 Possess high level knowledge and experience in investment casting
techniques including wax pattern finishing/surface preparation, methods
for gates/runner system to ensure optimum performance for metal filling,
slurry preparation and testing.
SC4 Have skills in the design of patterns, cores and core-boxes for sand
casting including pattern preparation for sand casting including corebox
& cores.
SC5 Ability to work in a team environment.
SC6 Have excellent oral and written communication skills.
SC7 Enthusiastic and willing to learn all aspects of the business.
SC8 Good computer skills and proficient in MS Word & Excel.
SC9 Minimum of Trade qualifications in Foundry and desirable an
Associate Degree in Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering.
SC10 Have experience in specrometer analysis of ferrous based metals.

Thanks & Regards,

Geoff Wakeley RP Manager, RP&T Team Queensland Manufacturing Institute Limited Cnr. Miles Platting & Logan Rds. Eight Mile Plains. QLD. 4113 AUSTRALIA Ph. +61 7 3364 0700 Fax. +61 7 3364 0786 email: rpt@qmi.asn.au

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