Glass SL resin!

Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 22:06:35 EET

Hello All,

To those that inquired about the glass resin that I was involved with while
at Ford Motor Company and the University of Detroit Mercy. It turns out
that my old professor is now at the University of Central Florida and sent
the following message. I will dig out the information that I have and (it
may be electronic) email those of you that inquired about it. If you are
interested send an email to the following:
<> or to Kevin (info below) I will NOT
respond to emails sent to the address that this note is being sent on!

>From the looks of it Kevin is working on some pretty cool stuff! Maybe his
3D micro-fabrication will be the next generation of machine, maybe it will
be true rapid manufacturing!

Karl Denton
Lead Engineer
Williams International

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Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 1:26 PM
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Subject: Re: Old UDM Students and research

Nice to hear from you. What a surprise! How are you doing? By all means
you can share details of what we were working on. I've published a couple
of papers on one of the resins we were developing.
Yes, I opted for a wramer climate, one might say. The University of Central
Florida is located just outside Orlando. We have about 30,000 students and
an outstanding program in optics. They gave me quite a good offer to move
from Detroit to build a program in organic and polymer optical materials
and processes. The stereolithography work we're doing has undergone an
interesting evolution. We're developing a type of stereolithography for
microfabrication in true 3-D (vs. the layer by layer method). It seems to
be only applicable to generating fine detail microstructures right now.
We have a very well equiped set of labs, from monomer/polymer synthesis to
characterization and processing. If you have occassion to visit Orlando,
please let me know. I'd like to have you stop by and see what we're doing.
Kevin D. Belfield, Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
School of Optics
Dept. of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering
University of Central Florida
P.O. Box 162366
Orlando, FL 32816-2366
(407) 823-1028 phone
(407) 823-2252 fax

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