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Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 23:18:53 EET


We use Form Z to get from VRML to stl. It is very good although it is
midrange CAD which is still expensive for one use. approx $1.7K

We are also evaluting Lex's software - Desk Proto - which seems to be
great. You could read in the VRML and create a G code file directly.
Desk proto is primarily a tool path generation program so you won't be
able to do much manipulation. We have used it to drive our large CNC
mill which use to make (above surface!) topos.

There was just a post about topo modeling about two weeks ago so I won't
go into too much detail about our company! CNC milling will almost
definately be cheaper for a large model than addative PR atlhough it
depends on level of detail, surface finish etc. and particularly size. (
delta z as well as x and y). Also do you need "stepped" contours or
smooth. Will there be other detail on the surface like embossed text.
RP will be more accurate than our mill but not more accurate than many
large industial mills.

If you have any more info on the project and would like to give me a call
or drop me an e-mail I would be happy to discuss it with you. If you
just need to get out of VRML or height field, and the file is not too big
I will translate if for you to 3D-dxf or whatever you need. (of course I
will give you a quote too for us to build the model - but no

Let me know if we can help. Advice or production.


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