RE: STL to IGES Software

From: Tim Maher (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 21:27:02 EET

Appreciate the recommendation from Anshuman regarding Paraform software as a
solution to Jim's STL to IGES query. Briefly, with Paraform software you can
take the data from an STL file, any point cloud, polygonal mesh, or CAD file
and create a structured polygonal or NURBS model very quickly and
accurately. A feature of the software allows the users to have smaller and
more precise surfaces applied to areas requiring a lot of detail. Unlike
some solutions, Paraform software scales from very automated (little user
intervention) through varying degrees of control, depending on the surface
structure required by the specific application. The user has complete
control throughout the process and can create a high-resolution object to
required "tolerances". For more information contact Tim Maher at

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