little bit off topic (about inspection)

From: Steve Pitt (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 13:23:06 EET

Hello List,
I am Ph. D. student and my research topic is about inspection planning.
I have a question about inspection.
For inspection of freeform surface, what should be inspected?
There exist a lot of inspection features such as plane, cylinder, etc.
In that case, sampling several points is enough.
But I think that freeform surfaces are different from the features.
Just is it enough to see the difference between point data and the original
Or the surface which is reconstructed from point data must be compared with
the original one?
Which way is a CMM used for inspecting freeform surface?
I respect the answer from anyone who has expriences for freeform surface
Tnank you in advance.

Steve Pitt

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