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Latest CADCAM news from Delcam


Delcam Announce the availability of PowerSHAPE 2601 for Windows 98&NT, which
is available for you to download FREE from the Delcam Web Site. PowerSHAPE
is the ideal tool for viewing your existing 3D Surface or Solid CAD data and
can be used by anybody in your organisation FREE of Charge.
Just go to and fill in your details. You will then be able to
download PowerSHAPE, together with our other product demonstrations if you
wish. The Free version of PowerSHAPE can also be sent to you on CD.
PowerSHAPE - Design for Manufacture

By combining both surface and solid modelling techniques, PowerSHAPE
provides a complete solution for companies working with complex shapes. The
most suitable approach can be adopted on a case by case basis, ensuring that
all design projects are carried out efficiently. With a range of features
geared towards releasing creativity and maximising productivity, PowerSHAPE
gives creative staff the freedom to produce the designs they are capable of,
not just the ones that a more limited CAD system will let them.

By downloading PowerSHAPE you will be able to evaluate this solution within
your own working environment on your jobs. You can also install PowerSHAPE
as a viewer, allowing anybody to view models you are sent or that you have
created. The PowerSHAPE viewer contains the functionality of the full
version, but you will not be able to save any modifications you make within
this version. PowerSHAPE 2601 is able to read IGES files as well as Delcam

Find out why other companies have said:

"With Delcam software, we can get about 30% more work through the shop."
Joseph Geerts, Process Manager, Canada Mold Technology, Ontario, Canada

"We can now complete projects in half the time"
Frank Robinson, Director, Pennington Patterns, UK

"Delcam software has allowed us to move to more complex containers and
helped us to win tooling orders from multi-national companies."
Dr. Jantaritthirathsamee, GL Pak, Thailand

"Compared to many similar packages, PowerSHAPE is much simpler to use"
Tim Poupore, President, Ove Industrial Design, Canada

"Depending on the part to be machined, the saving in machining time varies
from 20 to 40%"
Robert Do Dinh, Toolmaking Manager, Sidel, France

"The main advantage of PowerMILL is that complex shapes can be machined
much easier than before. The chips hit the floor 50% faster"
Mike Marcott, Head of Engineering, 3-D Solutions, Wisconsin, USA

"With PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL, we are now 50% faster and sometimes more"
Scott Lyngaas, CNC and Programming Manager Foreman Tool & Mold, Illinois,

"The level of automation in PowerSHAPE makes these operations so easy and
gives huge time savings"
Mark Kirby, Jet Blades, UK

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