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From: García Ana (AnGarcia@inasmet.es)
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 17:08:41 EET

                ""This is an auto reply message being sent to you. Michelle
Wyatt will be out of the office until March 13. If you need to speak to
someone immediately, please call 302-328-5435 and someone will be able to
assist you.
                Thank you!
                Michelle Wyatt
                Technical Marketing Engineer
                DSM Somos(R)""

                Dear all:

                I have been receiving messages like the one shown here
(saying they are out of the office and so on...) from the people in the head
of this message.......I suppose that this is part of the same error than the
repeating messages in the RP-ml. Does this happen to all you as well?.

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