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From: Luper, Harold (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 16:43:31 EET

This was very common for me on older versions of the Buildstation software.
To avoid this, I had made a regular practice of exiting the Buildstation
software after each and every build and re-launching it for the next build.
This seemed to "clear its head" of whatever was locking up the program.
Something else you will want to take a look at is the file "procyon.mdb"
file in the winsla folder to make sure it isn't getting really huge. You can
delete it if its too big, and a new one will be written from scratch. Newer
versions of the Buildstation software (5.0) don't write as much data to that
file, thus reducing its size tremendously.


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Subject: SLA5000 help

I am having our SLA500 slow down after the laser draws each layer. The
computer says it is "waiting for layer end" but it takes quite a long
time to start the recoat process. I will try to reboot the computer
tomorrow (hopefully after the build finishes) to see if that helps but
if anyone has any suggestions on how to eliminate this I'd appreciate
some feedback. We have not had this problem before.

Thanks in advanced.

Drew Brown
Conceptual reality L.L.C.

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