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From: C. Brock Rooney (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 23:42:50 EET

Sounds like a lot of work just for a pair of jeans. I need to review
thousands of fabrics, and be an expert on what is the current style
on cuffs, pockets etc. That is what buyers at the Gap get paid for.
A wedding dress maybe, but not jeans.

At 12:37 AM 3/9/00 -0600, SiderWhite wrote
>I can see a world where you log onto a web site and select the style of
>pants you want (of course the web site knows your exact dimensions, so you
>don't have to worry about them fitting). Then the web site connects you to a
>fabric store where you get to choose from 1,000's of fabrics and styles.
>Lastly, you get to choose accessories (left pocket, no pocket, zipper,
>button, cuffed, non-cuffed, etc...) As you make your selections and verify
>the last detail, the fabric is already on its way to a local seam facility
>which will receive an electronic pattern to your specifications. Once the
>inventory is in the product is produced, packaged, and shipped to you in
>less than a day. The whole process took approx. 2 days, cost only $40, and
>it matches your expectations 100%.
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