RE: Off-topic for debate on Boeing SPEEA strike

From: Anshuman Razdan (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 10:13:15 EET

My opinion in general is that its not doing much for Boeing. Already, Boeing
has lost to Airbus in several of the major contracts in last year - some
very embarrassing ones i.e. long time customers turning away from Boeing
Products. And European public sector companies are supposed to be slow
moving, heavily subsidized with uncompetitive products, burdened with
protectionist unions !! As far as customer is concerned it doesn't matter
whose fault it is. For them the product is not being delivered in time,
which is the bottom line. They don't care about internal squabbles. The
"free market" drum beat is not sounding good now !! I have nothing against
(or for) unions so don't get on my case for that!!

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-> Just to stir up some lively debate, what's everybody's
-> opinion on the strike
-> of Boeing's SPEEA engineers and technicians?
-> And what effects, long-term or short-term, will this have,
-> if any, on the
-> aircraft industry in general?
-> Is it high time that engineers and technicians stick up for
-> themselves
-> against the management MBA's who (most of them) don't have a
-> clue about all
-> the nuances required to engineer, test, and fly a successul
-> airplane design
-> or are they a bunch of greedy and spoiled whiners?
-> For an article on the strike check this website out:
-> Opinions please.....
-> Regards,
-> Glenn Whiteside
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