Zp100 powder shrinking problem

From: ferrotto (ferrotto@dag.it)
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 11:00:18 EET

Dear rp list and Zcorp user

We have a problem with zp100 powder
When we build different pieces with different volume
in one job at the end of the printing process the pieces don't have
the same shrinkage and we don't succeed to assembling them.
We don't understanding if the problem can be the anisotropic scale
(set with the crosses of test).
The head cartridge is new.
We specify that the environmental conditions of job as temperature
and humidity are optimal.

Thanks everybody.

Ferrotto Michele.

Ferrotto Design S.a.s
Corso Torino,18
10064 Pinerolo (TO) Italy
Email : ferrotto@dag.it

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