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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 16:34:56 EET

wow, i wish all of our youth were this focused. erin, a lot of things will
change between now and the day you get your diploma, but i'm glad to see you
applying yourself early. my personal opinion regarding your question is-
plastic parts. i'm sure you've noticed that the majority of consumer
products contain injection molded plastic components, in shapes that are
becoming more complex all the time. you'll learn a lot even by reverse
engineering an existing design.

closing the gap between a concept sketch and a truly manufacturable product
has to be the goal of any effective product development process. that means
that industrial designers need to understand more than just what looks good,
and engineers need to understand why it has to. keep going on the path you
are, and you'll be a valuable asset someday- just remember to have fun in

oh, and when it comes time to intern, give us a call.

will pattison
product development engineer
plano, tx

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> Subject: Request for assistance with Solidworks
> Subject: Request for assistance with Solidworks
> I am a high school student currently working with Solidworks as an
> independent study project. I have finished the basic tutorials included
> with the program and am looking for some assistance with appropriate
> design projects for my course. Are additional tutorials available? Is a
> bulletin board for users available for Solidworks' users?
> As a junior, I am also building a portfolio for the college admission
> process with a major in Industrial Design. I plan on including my work
> from my art classes but would also like to include examples of my CAD
> work. I have a portfolio from my AutoCAD class. If you were looking at
> this type of submission, what types of projects would you like to see
> with Solidworks? Again, since I am taking this as an independent study
> course, specific examples with tutorials would be great.
> Please reply directly to my email. Thank you for your help.
> Erin Rush

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