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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 16:17:27 EET

SolidWorks web page has a lot of info
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Erin Rush wrote:

> Subject: Request for assistance with SolidworksI am a high school
> student currently working with Solidworks as an independent study
> project. I have finished the basic tutorials included with the
> program and am looking for some assistance with appropriate design
> projects for my course. Are additional tutorials available? Is a
> bulletin board for users available for Solidworks' users?As a junior,
> I am also building a portfolio for the college admission process with
> a major in Industrial Design. I plan on including my work from my art
> classes but would also like to include examples of my CAD work. I
> have a portfolio from my AutoCAD class. If you were looking at this
> type of submission, what types of projects would you like to see with
> Solidworks? Again, since I am taking this as an independent study
> course, specific examples with tutorials would be great.Please reply
> directly to my email. Thank you for your help. Erin

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