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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 14:48:04 EET

I have replied directly to Erin, but for anyone else interested in more
information about SolidWorks, try these links.

SolidWorks discussion at[ST_rn=bg]/topics_bg.xp?search=topic&group=comp.cad.solidworks&title=comp.cad&GRPP=925929215.1381957675

SolidWorks National User Group (SNUG)

SolidWorks Corporation web page

The SNUG page, and the SolidWorks page, also include links to local (both
domestic and international) user group sites.

Richard Doyle
DTM Corporation

"Erin Rush" <> on 03/13/2000 05:09:04 PM

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Subject: Request for assistance with Solidworks

Subject: Request for assistance with Solidworks
I am a high school student currently working with Solidworks as an independent
study project. I have finished the basic tutorials included with the program
and am looking for some assistance with appropriate design projects for my
course. Are additional tutorials available? Is a bulletin board for users
available for Solidworks' users?
As a junior, I am also building a portfolio for the college admission process
with a major in Industrial Design. I plan on including my work from my art
classes but would also like to include examples of my CAD work. I have a
portfolio from my AutoCAD class. If you were looking at this type of submission,
what types of projects would you like to see with Solidworks? Again, since I
am taking this as an independent study course, specific examples with tutorials
would be great.
Please reply directly to my email. Thank you for your help.

Erin Rush

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