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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 21:54:00 EET


Again you astound me with your comments! Why is it when companies are under
the magnifying glass they call the folks holding the glass whiners and turn
to insults and obnoxious comments? Your comments remind me of Albert Young!

At this years 3DNAUG meeting SEVERAL other users of your equipment expressed
the same concerns to me as I have to you! So I'm not the only one and I
look myself in the mirror everyday as I am the ONLY one responsible for the
equipment at Williams International! My SLA, RTV Tooling and other
equipment has not stopped producing parts in the 5 years that I have run the
equipment. My year at Valeo Climate Control and 5 years at Ford Motor
Company were no different. One question came up during some of the
discussions about you folks and that was why do you people turn everything
into some personal vendetta? I have never said a bad word about you or Rolf
and yet you send these little snippy insults out over the Internet and in
the case of Rolf to my personal email address! I stated in my original
email that YOUR technology was not good for us but may very well be for
jewelry makers and others. The original request for information was for the
experiences that users of your technology had, I'm simply stating facts and
if anybody wants they can read the repair history on our equipment for
verification of these facts!

Your dam right I complain about ALL of the RP vendors and I will never stop
nor should anyone else! Are we to take your word for everything? If that's
so then we all would be a bunch of mindless drones with equipment that never
evolved or possibly worked! You manufactures of this and all other
equipment in this industry need to pay close attention to the users of your
equipment regardless of the level of frustration experienced by either
party! You folks at Sanders and Albert Young are the only ones that have
turned this into some sort of personal thing. We have given you two years
of OUR time and OUR money to get YOUR equipment operating to at least some
sort of acceptable degree and YOU have failed! Over and over and over we
have tried to operate the equipment in question according to your specs and
it has simply not functioned as such! Are we now supposed to just tuck it
away in a corner and let others make the same mistake? Your comments about
a new comer to this industry on this mailing list were obnoxious at best!
Just as your comments to me have been. At least try and keep it above the


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        In all my years on this list, you have never had a good word to say
about any
        of the RP manufacturers. Why don't you get with the program.

        An RP system requires a competent operator. Why don't you look in
the mirror
        to see if you are not the probelem.

        Al Hastbacka

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