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From: KDenton@williams-int.com
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 23:46:59 EET

Hello All,

I thought I'd divert from the other topic that I've been so vocal about! I
sent a note out several weeks ago regarding Windows2000 and wanted to give
you an update! I installed it this weekend and after 8 or so hours of
reinstalling my software (I started from the ground up not an upgrade) I
have found that most of my applications are running much faster and seem to
be handling much better. SolidWorks has taken on a whole new light as there
were limitation imposed on my graphics board under Windows 98 that no-longer
exist. So far all but my DVD and CD Creator software are compatible and I
found software to replace the DVD software (WinDVD for those that need to
know works under 2000). Adaptec tells me that I need to purchase CD Creator
version 4 and within the week there will be a patch to get it running. All
of my Adobe applications work fine. I had minimal problems with Magics RP
and Mimics in that I had to be logged on as the Administrator and not a some
one that has Admin privileges. After installation permissions on the
matsoft.key file had to be opened up so that I could access the file as a
user. Other then that all seems to be working fine but then again tonight I
try to get the networking started!


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