Windows2000, Networks and Lightyear

Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 15:55:39 EET

Hello All,

Here is what I found regarding Windows2000 and networking...

After installing the network card I made a cable and connected the two
computers together, one of which is running Windows98. After several hours
of frustration it was clear that the machine with Windows98 was the problem
so I installed Windows2000 as a dual boot and presto no more network
problems. I'm not sure why 98 would not work it was a relatively simple
install but none the less it did not.

Now for the strange part! I have a virtual private network set up on my 1st
Windows2000 machine so that I can dial my ISP and then through the VPN
access the network at Williams International, this is pretty cool, when
connected it's as if I'm at my at my desk in my office. Anyway this
connection allows me to retrieve CAD files from work while I'm at home and
prepare them in Lightyear and send them directly to the SL machines. This
setup has come in handy on a couple of occasions. When I installed
Lightyear under 2000 (prior to the network working) it gave me an odd flexm
code required for licensing and it was determined that a network card was
required for Lightyear to run. On installing the card I reran the lmutil to
generate the flexm code and was greeted with the same message. I was able
to acquire the correct code only when the 2 machines were successfully
networked together! This got my curiosity up, so after all was working
properly I re-booted the machine with the new install of 2000 which
temporarily breaks the network connection and tried to run Lightyear, It
gave me an error regarding an invalid license file and stopped running.
After the other machine finished booting the connection was restored and
Lightyear ran with out a hitch. It sounds like the license file is compared
to the hard code every time Lightyear starts so if your network go down and
Windows 2000 tags the network card as not plugged in or not functioning you
will lose you ability to run the software.

One other Item I found is that I get strange graphics problems using
Lightyear under Windows2000 and did not under NT4.0 on the same machine but
only when the systems is run at 1280x1024 res.

I hope this info will help any of you out there making the switch!


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