SPI's Apology to the RP Mailing List

From: Dave Bothwell (dbothwell@sanders-prototype.com)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 18:30:37 EET

attached mail follows:

RP Mailing List,

As the president and CEO of Sanders Prototype, Inc., I wish to apologize
to each reader of the RP Mailing List and especially to Karl Denton and
Objet Geometries Ltd. for the completely inappropriate and unacceptable
communication from SPI.

Karl, for the two years that I have been with SPI, Williams
International has been very patient and its constructive critique of
the ModelMaker II has helped steer the evolution of the system. I am
truly sorry that this interaction occurred and assure you that it will
never be repeated.

To Objet, even though Al Hastbacka is not a SPI employee, I apologize.
I have been sent a copy of the Quadra spec sheet and have reviewed
Objet's web page. So far, I find your offering very interesting, but it
is impossible for me to form an opinion on your product due to a lack of
detailed information. In any case, I believe it will come down to
"Horses for Courses". Every company meets some part of the RP
equation. The market is large enough and will continue to grow, so I
say "welcome" to it.

SPI's culture is to work with our existing and prospective customers to
insure a place in the RP industry for our company in the future. Over
the past two years, we have extensively redesigned the ModelMaker to
address the reliability issues such as those mentioned by Karl. Only in
the last 12 months has SPI's engineering department worked on new
product development--more about this topic at the SME Show in Rosemont
next month.

To Alex Salvi, the RP report Vol. 10, W2, pg. 6 is in error. There are
two companies that often get confused: SPI (Sanders Prototype, Inc.) and
SDI (Sanders Design International). Each company is a stand-alone
corporation. Al Hastbacka is employed by SDI. The referenced article
as well as the reference regarding large format in the "state of the
industry" by Terry Wohlers are NOT SPI, but rather SDI. I spoke to the
focus of SPI above.

Again, I offer my sincere apology to Karl Denton, Objet Geometries and
the entire RP Mailing List.


David R. Bothwell
President and CEO
Sanders Prototype, Inc.

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