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I've seen this used on SL parts, not FDM, but you might take a look at
CeRam-Kote 54, it's a thin-film spray applied and air dried ceramic epoxy
coating. It is a highly modified epoxy resin system that has been loaded
with sub-micron ceramic particles (it needs to be shaken very well before
use to properly suspend the ceramic particles in the epoxy resin). It is
available in grey, blue, black, and green colors. Apparently one of its
uses is for concrete floors. According to their website "CeRam-Kote 54's
chemical resistant properties protect hanger and work floors from leaking
fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluids (such as Skydrol, a really nasty
phosphate ester-based aviation hydraulic fluid), and other caustic fluids.
CeRam-Kote 54's high adhesion and superior abrasion resistant properties
also protect floors from friction and wear caused from towing aircraft and
support equipment."

Sounds like this stuff might fit the bill. Check out their website at:
Let me know what your results are if you end up using this stuff.

Good Luck,
Glenn Whiteside

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> Does anyone have any thoughts on a product to seal FDM parts so
> that fuel - gasoline/petrol - will not soak into the parts?
> Thanks in advance.
> Doug Mitchell
> Ford Motor Company
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