1/2 size Vat for SLA350

From: Andrzejewski, Jan (jan.rp@pera.com)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 17:06:21 EET

Is their any other supplier for half size vats for an SLA350 other than
Warren Hill from
Commonwealth Trading Co., Inc.?

He has quoted one for me and shall giving me details of a user that he has

No doubt 'on the ball' resin suppliers will read this and send me details of
their latest resin.

OK then go on. But please price to fill 1/2 vat size and then cost for 20kg
container, with breakdown of transport and tax costs etc.

It is our intention to beta test RPC 400 ND.

But having details of other types of resins for the SLA350 solid state laser
would be nice.

The only thing that would stop us from using several resins in one machine
is that although it is possible it is not very user friendly to rapidly
change over and for many service bureaux where speed is of the essence it is
a major operational stumbling block.

If DTM can advertise one machine with many materials why can't 3D Systems
devise an upgrade to simplify the process and do the same.

Or are all the 3D Systems users that have only one machine satisfied with
the resin that they are using?

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