RE: Cast iron medieval door handle

From: Jorge Baquero (
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 23:48:48 EET


        My name is Jorge Baquero. I work with Sensable Technologies in
Woburn, MA. We've developed the FreeForm modeling system, which lets you
"sculpt" models on the computer using your sense of touch. Your door
handle problem sounds like an ideal model for our product. If I can find
the time, I'd like to try modling it. I can't promise anything but, if time
permits, I could make the digital model for you at no charge as long as
Sensable can use it as an example for marketing purposes. You could cast an
iron model from a wax prototype, like a ThermoJet model, printed from the
digital file. If you like this idea, please send me any photos, sketches,
and scale info you might have.

        Jorge Baquero
        Product Quality Specialist

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> Subject: Cast iron medieval door handle
> Dear list
> I have been asked by an insurance company to reconstruct a cast iron
> medieval door handle which has been stolen. We have photos, sketches and
> some scaling information which can be used to generate a pattern
> (scanning, sculpting ?). This is not something we do in-house and I am
> therefore looking for a third party to undertake the work. If anyone is
> interested please contact me for more details.
> Regards
> Ben (Halford)
> Consultant
> PERA Technology
> England
> 0044 (0)1664 501501 ext. 516

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