Re: info on RTV, Direct AIM, SL Composite moulding and Keltool techn ologies

Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 01:12:39 EET

Nik ;
   My company Fusion Engineering produces 3D Keltool Moulds. We have a web
site which you can visit to find out more. We also have a
design guide booklet which I can Email to you if you desire which should
answer most of your questions. There is also some valuable information on the
process available at the 3D Systems web site (the owner of the process) If you would like to contact me directly with any
questions regarding 3D Keltool my email is Another good
source is Brad Fox at Rapid Tooling Technologies I dont know his email
address however.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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<< Hi everybody,
        I am looking for information on RTV, Direct AIM, SL
 Composite moulding and Keltool technologies.
        The information I am looking for is Process characterisation
 of each process, which inculde adavantages, disadavantages, target materials
 and methods of producing the tools etc...
 many thanks in adavnce nik
 Nik Duvnjak
 Motorola, Swindon, England >>

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