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Ed: You know what research is all about! That was excellent advice you gave him.

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> I'm working on a project to develop a photo emulsion
>Dear Mr. Page:
>There's probably more information out there on this than you can shake a
>stick at. A lot depends on the specifics of your application and desired
>results. Since I am in perfect ignorance of those, here are some general
>starting points:
>1. Do an engineering index literature
>2. Do a good card catalog library search
>3. Do a US patent search
>4. Search the chemical literature using the Chem Abstracts.
>Most of this work can be done on the web, and you'll need physical access to
>a university library for the books.
>With the breadth of this subject, if you don't limit your search carefully,
>we may never hear from you again.
>Have fun,
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