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DTM uses CO2 lasers, which have considerably longer life-times than those
used in SLA machines. I have used 3 different SLS machines over the past 8
years and have never had to change a laser in any of them. There are
others, though, who have had to change their CO2 lasers for one reason or
another. Typically a laser change becomes necessary because of some defect
rather than an end-of-useful-life scenario. Someone at DTM could tell you
the typical life of one of the lasers they use.

As far as DTM vs. EOS. I believe EOS offers an Nd:YAG laser option, but I
am not certain of that. CO2 works very well for polymeric materials, but
YAG lasers work much better for direct sintering of metals. Also, as you
noted, DTM designs their machines to be more flexible in temperature and
working environment than EOS machines. It makes the machines capable of
handling many more material types, but it also increases the cost of the
machine. However, as a user of DTM's technology I am willing to pay extra
to have the increased material capability because I work with almost half a
dozen material systems (some of which have very different processing
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I regulary read messages about laser-change or power-loss on lasers wich are
used for stereolithography. Are lasers wich are used for SLS also subject to
change after functioning for a certain period? If so, what is the lifecycle
of an 'SLS-laser'; If not, why not?

Does DTM apply another kind of laser system than EOS (?); DTM claims to
handle many materials (polymers and metals) on one machine where as EOS has
different machines for each type of use/material (P & M series machines)

Thak you in advance for your reply, with kind regards,

Jorn Berends
JB Ventures BV - the Netherlands

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