RE: Question about laser for SLS

From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 20:47:22 EET

After reading the posts from Brent Stucker, Tim Gornet and Christian Nelson,
I can only add that DTM replaced the Laser in my 2000 after 25,000 hours of
service. Not because of failure, but because they were not happy with the
response time while calibrating. It did, however continue to reach the
programmed values. By the way, I also run 10 - 12 different materials though
our Sinterstations.

Best Regards

Roger Spielman
Rocketdyne Power & Propulsion
The Boeing Co.

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> Subject: Question about laser for SLS
> I regulary read messages about laser-change or power-loss on lasers wich
> are used for stereolithography. Are lasers wich are used for SLS also
> subject to change after functioning for a certain period? If so, what is
> the lifecycle of an 'SLS-laser'; If not, why not?
> Does DTM apply another kind of laser system as EOS (?); DTM claims to
> handle many materials (polymers and metals) on one machine where as EOS
> has different machines for each type of use/material (P & M series
> machines)
> Thak you in advance for your reply, with kind regards,
> Jorn Berends
> JB Ventures BV - the Netherlands

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