Feed for a 20W CO2 SLS?

From: Robin Stoddart (robin99@home.com)
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 14:55:57 EET

Hia all,

I'm doing a project on SLS, using a 20W CO2 laser. What king of feed rate
should I use for various materials (a range would be nice)..

I will be using an X-Y CNC table instead of scanners because the table is
cheaper/easier to control. I have calculated that my table is capable of
approx. 18"/min feed. I understand that could be WAY to slow, however, I can
turn the power down using the input power and gas pressure.

This is a very simple project, and I may only be able to draw a simple
square (because of time). I'm just looking to demonstrate the technique, and
perhaps play with it a bit, for my own enjoyment :)

Anyway, what would be suggested? A web page would be cool too.

Also, can anyone recommend any materials that would be cheap/plentiful for
demonstrating SLS? My dad suggested chocolate powder, so I'm up for anything

Thanks a ton,

Robin Stoddart

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