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From: Bert van den Berg (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 16:24:24 EET

Anshuman Razdan wrote:

> Feature Based inspection would be a good goal. However, typically the
> verification tools are not the same as Solid modeling tools. To support
> "Features information" from different packages = phew that would be
> interesting.

I Agree that feature definition is not standardized. I believe that elements
of the STEP standard are attempting to address this (with unknown success).
Without such a standard, defining 3D features becomes the job of an
analysis application: e.g. the user selects from the design model elements
and defines inspection features, much as currently happens with an
application like Origin's Checkmate, virtual-DMIS or Valysis, or
with a CMM vendors inspection software (no plug intented).

> Implementation is another matter !!

For me the challenge is in assembling the technologies. The standard
inspection applications (like those mentioned above) have the basics for
defining features. The "current" crop of inspection applications have the
required fitting and comparison tools (e.g. SDRC Surfacer,
Polyworks Inspector) while others have the basic surface comparison
capabilities (e.g. Geomagic Shape, Paraform). The challenge is creating
a tool that combines the feature definition, and surface comparison tools.

Perhaps this is the set of tools that Delcam’s real-time inspection
product offers. I'm not familiar with its capabilities.

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