Microwave SLA dishes?

From: Andrzejewski, Jan (jan.rp@pera.com)
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 20:09:47 EET

Ever wondered how well your food is heated up in the microwave?

Well I can now find out for you.

A interesting material characteristic of RPC 300 ND is that it changes to a
much darker colour when it is post heat treated.

A flat SLA plate was placed in our old microwave at work and the hot 'n'
cold spots are clearly visible after full power for just 4 minutes.

So If any one has STL models of their favourite foods Fish, chips, sausages
and a mountain of potato mash then send them to me to build in RPC 300 ND.

Arrange them in the most appealing presentational orientation on your plate
then take them to a microwave dealer and check how well each machine
distributes the microwave energy.

Could be I'm on to a winner here.

ps do not send broccoli I do not like them.

Jan Andrzejewski jan.rp@pera.com

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