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Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 23:36:59 EET


Have you retrofitted your machine with the "smart sweep" feature? This is standard on the 7000 and can be retrofit to the 500 & early 5000. It sweeps only the area that has a part, not the whole vat. It is very effective at reducing the build time.

I do agree that the sensor reading takes too long.


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Subject: SLA or RP wish list

Not knowing what wishes were granted at the NAUSG meeting recently or at any of the other global user groups around the world. I would think that this list or an organisation such as GARPA could accommodate suggestions and method of voting for the best means of improving SLA or other RP systems.
The one that I could do with right now is change the software so that scanning the diagonal sensors is done at the same time as the recoater is in operation.
The recoater takes about 7 to 8 seconds to travis the full vat and the sensors take approx 5 to 6 seconds. If the build that I am waiting to finish had this facility then we would be able to save 2.7 hours (200mm high build) thus go home on time instead of having to do overtime.
Oh and save the customer some money.
3D Systems will have to think of some new modifications in light of recent RP machine developments.
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