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Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 19:40:35 EET

        this is not automated but the list command in Acad will tell you the
length of individual arcs and lines. If you join your profiles into
polylines using the pedit command, listing these entities will tell you the
total length of open polylines and the perimeter of enclosed ones. It maybe
possible to write a lisp routine to do what you want inside of AutoCad.

Ken Morgan
Mount Laurel

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Subject: Estimation Software??

Curious if there is software that will add up all the linear inches of a
vector file (dwg, dxf, or eps), multiply the inches per hour, and then
multiply the total by an hourly rate to quote cutting a job. Could be used
for CNC router or 2 axis lasercutters. If not, is there something that will

atleast add up the linear inches?

Thank you in advance.

Robert Kramar
Master Designs

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