FDM 3000

From: Ramanath H S (ramanath@gintic.gov.sg)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 05:52:12 EET

Can any FDM 3000 users help please!!

We have Waterworks FDM 3000 recently 'commissioned'!

 1.However the support material is always giving problems. The base support
is not consistent even on repeat builds. The support layer thickness varies
erratically. Is this due to the new waterworks support material?

2. Some times during the build the machine stops without any error messages.
(Is there a bug in the slicing software??)

3.Can anyone spare a 24v Machine light bulb for the above machine. B'cos
since 4 weeks we are waiting for a replacement from Stratysys & this is not
a standard spec that is easily available in Singapore. We will be very
willing to pay for it.

Thanks in advance.
Ramanath H S

ramanath@gintic.gov.sg <mailto:ramanath@gintic.gov.sg>

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