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Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 15:44:11 EET

Hi All,

Brief summary of the Objet.

I took a good look at this thing at NDES in Chicago last week.
They had a lot of sample parts that look really nice.
The parts look and feel like SLA models.
They didn't have any information on accuracy, only resolution (.0008 layer
thickness, 600dpi in X & y).
The build materials get load like toner cartridges. One material for
supports, one material for the part.

If it can build the parts they showed me as fast as they said, it will give
the SLA market a run for it's money.

That is my nutshell view.

Doug Johnson
IMPACT Engineering Solutions

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Has anyone actually seen this machine operate? Does it exist? We send
e-mail but get no response.

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