Vacuum Casting Pressure?

From: Tim Lovett (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 16:07:06 EET

I want to pick your brains...

If I was to make my own vacuum casting machine, what sort of pressure could I get away with? (I have seen 10mBar in a product spec but I don't know if this is an overkill or barely adequate!)

Assuming I am casting from RP model to silicone tooling to PUR, epoxy, etc parts.

I am looking at doing it as part of an educational RP site.

Tell me anything - In whatever units - Torr, kPa, mBar, even INCHES Hg or PSI !

Is vapour pressure of resins a problem. If so, where can I find info on VP's for vacuum casting resins and materials?

Tim Lovett
Sydney Australia

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