FDM 2000 question

From: Michelle Soltysik (mds162@psu.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 17:42:06 EET

Dear RP list,
        For my thesis work, I have designed a part to test dimensional
accuracy, as well as geometric tolerances, of the three RP systems available
to me at Penn State -LOM 1015, FDM 2000, and SLA 250. The part is 7in. x
7in. x 1.5 in. There are various features at different orientations sitting
on a base, which is 0.25in. in height.
        The part built beautifully on the LOM. However, the power to the
FDM completely shut off after building the base. After looking at the tip,
the only explanation for this so far is that it became too hot. I would
hope this isn't the case, because the part had only been building for 16
hrs. of an estimated 38 hr. build. And the part is very reasonable to
build. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on what to do?
        My initial thought would be to change the base to be built with a
more hollow weave and the rest of the part to be made solid. Also, does
anyone know why the FDM doesn't have a memory feature so that if the
machine's power shuts off, it can still remember where in the build it was
instead of starting over? It seems to be a very important missing feature
of this machine.
        For those interested, my part hasn't been built on the SLA either,
not due to the machine, but to computer network problems in our department.
Unfortunately, my time here is running short, as I plan on graduating in
May. My goal was to produce some useful information for the RP community.
        Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
Michelle Soltysik

Michelle D. Soltysik
Dept. of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
310 Leonard Building
University Park, PA 16802
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