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Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 18:07:34 EET


I would highly recommend that you look at Mimics from Materialise. They
have written CT/MRI interfaces for most if not all scanners.


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        Unfortunately, most medical image formats are proprietary, and the
        extentions usually don't mean that much, with a few exceptions...I'd
        taking a look at the medical image format FAQ at
        for more information. BTW, why would you want to convert TO one of
        formats? Usually people want to do it the other way around...

        good luck,

        Justin Kidder
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          To all members

          Can any one help me on how I can convert images from any of these
        jpeg, tiff, Giff or bmp into ones with extension *.ct (CT file) or
        (mage file) and/or *.xp (XP files) Thanks in advance Best regards

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