FW: Objet Quadra

From: Paul Scheible (PaulS@harbec.com)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 22:19:19 EET

My question is, how are you going to maintain 1536 jets???
I have a MMII that is difficult enough to keep two jets functioning
Or maybe these "nozzles" are a different design altogether. But I still
think it would be necessary to calibrate them for proper alignment and
material flow? I can see the nightmares of faulty or plugged "nozzles"
But at the same time I am also looking forward to seeing it at the upcoming
show in Rosemont, hopefully they will be able to answer all my questions.
And yes they do claim a 0.0008 inch layer thickness.

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On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Vern Carter wrote:
> I have also had an open email dialog with Joseph Kowen
> joseph@objet.co.li <mailto:joseph@objet.co.li> about the machine
so I do think they're
> home. They may be swamped with correspondences due to the apparent
> break through they have achieved. I only hope its not all smoke
> mirrors.

My big question is, do they have, or plan, a material that burns out?
My parts will never be moldable, so direct casting is a must-have.
> Reliability is a must for a printer!!!

That's the second question - that case is mighty sleek looking, but what's
the MTBF? It seems like a lot will depend on how they handle tech support
in the U.S.; we can't phone home to Israel every time something goes wrong.
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