Creation of free-form-surfaces on UG from the IGES contours

From: Tim Maher (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 01:00:44 EET

Hello Le Chi Hieu,

Paraform, is a leader in reverse engineering tools (sculpt to CAD).
Regarding your question about free-form modeling of MIMICS data, Paraform's
advanced reverse engineering tools will allow you to do just that. Paraform
software is highly suited to create quality free form surfaces from STL
data. The data can go seamlessly into UG, through our advanced data exchange
tools. In fact, Paraform & Unigraphics recently announced a Technology
Agreement with Unigraphics Solutions, see the press release at;

Please check out our website ( and contact us for further

Best Regards, Tim Maher

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