RE: Creation of free-form-surfaces on UG from the IGES contours

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Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 15:16:28 EET

Le Chi Hieu:

Raindrop Geomagic has a product called Geomagic Studio that you should
consider for your application.

It's easy to use, has speed, automation and gives you accurate, water-tight
models for Unigraphics, ( point cloud data or STL> NURBS (IGES)>

Raindrop Geomagic has a world-wide Academic Partnership Program that may be
of interest to you in particular.

For more information see or get in touch with me

Diana Borja

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Subject: Creation of free-form-surfaces on UG from the IGES contours


Regarding to the creation of free form surfaces on UG from the IGES
contours created by MIMICS (Materialize), I have some troubles related
to the accuracy of the re-constructed model in UG.

The medical modeling by MIMICS can create very good 3D solid models of
human skeleton from CT images. These 3D models can be exported to STL or
some RP interfaces. I would like to transfer this 3D models from MIMICS
to UG for other designs because UG is very good for CAD manipulations.
Unfortunately, UG can not support importing STL models. The only thing
I can do is that I can import the IGES contours created by MIMICS to
UG. Basing on these IGES contours, I reconstruct the 3 D solid model;
but rpI have to lost a certain accuracy degree on the reconstructed 3D

I have heard that some Reverse Engineering packages can transform the
STL model to cloud-Point data. From these cloud-point data, one can
reconstruct the 3D models under the free form surfaces, and then can
export to IGES interface.

Are there any one have better ways to control these CAD manipulation ?

Thank and regards,


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